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B'nai Mitzvah

Welcome to the CGoP B'nai Mitzvah web page. This page contains the audio and text that our B'nai Mitzvah students will need in order to prepare for their special day. Please contact Temple Educator Phil Gaethe if you have any difficulty downloading the files below. 


Click Here for the B'nai Mitzvah Hebrew Practice Booklet

Jonah P.  Torah Text with Vowels
Jonah P. Torah Text W/out vowels
Jonah 1st Aliyah Audio MP3

Becky Torah Text w/Vowels
Becky Torah Text No Vowels
Beckanater Torah Audio 1st Aliyah
Becky Torah Audio 2nd Aliyah
Becky Torah Audio 3rd Aliyah
Becky Torah Audio 4th Aliyah

Becky Haftarah Text
Becky Haftarah Audio

Eli J. Torah w/Vowels
Eli J. Torah w/out vowels
Eli J. Torah Translation (English 
Eli J. 1st Aliyah Audio
Eli J. 2nd Aliyah Audio
Eli J. 3rd Aliyah Audio
Eli J. 4th Aliyah Audio

Joel S. Torah w/vowels
Joel S. Audio 1st Aliyah
Joel S. Audio 2nd Aliyah
Joel S. Audio 3rd Aliyah
Joel S. Audio 4th Aliyah

Joel 1st Aliyah Ki Tissa

Joel S. Haftarah Text
Joel S. Haftarah Audio Part 1
Joel S. Haftarah Audio Part 2
Joel S. Haftarah Audio Part 3

Rebecca S. Torah Text
Rebecca Torah Text without vowels
Rebecca S. 1st Aliyah Audio
Rebecca 2nd Aliyah Audio

Rebecca 3rd Aliya

Sophie S. Torah w/vowels
Sophie S.Torah Text without vowels
Sophie S. 1st Aliyah Audio
Sophie S. 2nd Aliyah Audio
Sophie S. 3rd Aliyah Audio
Sophie S. 4th Aliyah Audio

Will 1st Aliyah Audio
Will Audio 2nd Aliyah
Will Audio 3rd Aliyah
Will Audio 4th Aliyah

Will Torah w/vowels
Will Torah h No vowels

Will Haftarah Text
Will Haftarah Audio Part 1
Will Haftarah Audio Part 2
Will Haftarah Audio Part 3



High Holy Day Audio


Rosh Hashanah Morning 2019

Isaiah 55:6-8 Text 

Audio - 55:6-8

Isaiah Audio 55:6-9

Isaiah 6-9 Text

Isaiah Audio 55:10-13

Isaiah 10-13 text

Isaiah 55:9-10 Text 

Audio 55:9-10

Isaiah 55:11-13 Text 

Audio 55:11-13









Confirmation Audio and Text

Confirmation Torah Reading - Ten Commandments

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782