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Congregation Gates of Prayer  provides a variety of welcoming and innovative worship experiences for members of all ages. Join us weekly for Shabbat worship or throughout the year for special holiday programming.

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year and the creation of the world. Congregation Gates of Prayer celebrates the occasion with Erev Rosh Hashanah evening services and Rosh Hashanah day services when we blow the shofar to announce its arrival. Following services, we gather at Bonnabel Boat Launch to cast away our sins into the water. We do not require tickets for any High Holiday services. All Gates of Prayer services are available via livestream 

Yom Kippur

The Jewish Day of Atonement, when we ask God for forgiveness for wrongs we have committed during the past year, and many fast to focus on the act of teshuvah, repentance. Join us at the synagogue for worship and learning opportunities all day long and a communal break the fast. We do not require tickets for any High Holiday services. 


Sukkot is a week-long harvest festival when we build our sukkah in which we worship, eat, drink, and commune. Congregation Gates of Prayer hosts special festival worship on the holiday of Sukkot and all worship in the sukkah, along with programming and events hosted by Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and Tribe. 

Simchat Torah

This celebration of the Torah marks the end of the annual communal reading of the Five Books of Moses. We celebrate by singing and dancing through seven hakafot, or parades of the Torah, and by observing Consecration, the official welcoming and celebration of our youngest students into our religious school. Simchat Torah morning, we hold Yizkor services when we commemorate the memory of our loved ones. 


Congregation Gates of Prayer can help you celebrate Chanukah at home as well as at the synagogue. On the Friday night of Chanukah, we celebrate with a special “Light up the Night” Shabbat, when we all bring our own menorahs and illuminate our sanctuary. If you need a menorah or candles, visit the Gates Gift shop. 

Tu B’shevat

The festival of the trees is an opportunity to renew our commitment to the environment. By celebrating the fruits of the earth, we can taste the blessings of nature. Our congregation and preschool often host Tu B’shevat  seders to celebrate the trees. 


This lively holiday celebrates the story of Queen Esther, a Jewish woman who saves the Jewish people from annihilation by a wicked man in the Persian kingdom. Rabbis, and staff and congregants put on a spiel, a play reenacting the story in a fun and silly way, and all congregants dress up in costumes and enjoy food and drinks together! 


The first night of Passover is a celebration of our freedom from slavery in Egypt. If you need a place to attend a first-night seder, please be in touch with Rabbi Gerber. The second-night seder at the synagogue is hosted by our Sisterhood. All are welcome. 


Shavuot is the celebration of receiving the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai. We gather together for worship during the eve of Shavuot as well as the morning. Our teens celebrate their Confirmation during the evening service, and we recite the yizkor memorial prayers during the morning.

Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784