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About Our Director

Jessica Sintes


Jessica, a dedicated member of the Congregation Gates of Prayer community, has deep roots in Gates Preschool. With a history spanning 17 years in the field of education, Jessica has evolved from being a seasoned teacher in various schools and early learning centers to taking on leadership roles, including serving as the Youth and Camping Director at the Metairie Jewish Community Center.

Having grown up at Congregation Gates of Prayer and watched her own children thrive at Gates Preschool, Jessica has a profound understanding of the school's ethos. Her focus on steering the school towards excellence is evident in the transformation of the license to a Type III license, a testament to her commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment.

Jessica's influence extends beyond administrative changes; she has also spearheaded updates to the curriculum, programming, and teacher support systems within the school. Her passion for serving the Jewish community remains unwavering, and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the school's expansion and success.

In this chapter of her career, Jessica envisions creating more natural learning environments for the students at Gates Preschool. Simultaneously, she is dedicated to enhancing teacher development through expanded continuing education and robust support systems. Jessica's journey at Gates Preschool reflects her enduring commitment to fostering a nurturing and enriching educational experience for all involved.


Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784