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It's Time to Renew your Sisterhood Membership for the 2022-23 calendar year.

Sisterhood Membership and Gift Shop Payment Page



Sisterhood is an ideal setting to cultivate new friendships while enjoying worship, social events and advocacy. Some of our activities include:
Book Club/Review 
Guest Speaker Events
Rosh Chodesh Programs
Holiday and Family Events
Social Justice/ Advocacy Activities and much more
Your generous support allows Sisterhood to provide financial and volunteer assistance to our Temple, our Youth and the Community, including Direct Financial support, Camp and Youth Scholarships, Shabbat Onegs and Educational Programming.We hope you will consider supporting Congregation Gates of Prayer Sisterhood at a level that is comfortable for you.



Gates of Prayer Sisterhood Board 2021-2022

President Judy Lieberman,
Exec. Vice President Margery Thomas,
Programming V.P. Sarah Schatzman,

Social Action VP Barri Bronston,
Fundraising Vice President Judy Stiebel,
Treasurer Ellen Rae Shalett

Gift Shop Treasurer Melanie Blitz,
Membership Secretary Heidi Vizelberg,
Recording Secretary Lillian Gross,
Corresponding Secretary Anne Chirinos (phone only) 504 889-2298 Parliamentarian JoAnne Fried

Immediate Past President Claudia Shabetai,
General Board: Amy Thomas, Barri Bronston, Tory May, Lilliann Gross,
Carol Sadowsky, Jennifer Schexnayder, Janet Krane, Susan Levin,
Nicole Stone, Kristen Dulitz, Cathy Botnick, Lynn Loewy, Rebecca Brennan
Lauren Gerber, Dianne Green-Freeman

Past-Sisterhood Presidents (Board Members)

Claudia Shabatei, 2019-21

Diana Mann, 2017-19

Jennifer Daley, 2015-17

Lisa Dayan, 2013-15

DeeGee Linado , 2011-13

Mitzi Preston, 2009-11

Susan Scharff, 2007-09

Mitzi Preston, 2005-07

Debbie Schlackman, 2003-05

Sherri Tarr, 2001-03

Joanne Fried/Harriet Kugler, 1999-2001

Sandra Cameron, 1997-99

Marilyn Neumann, 1995-97

Joanne Fried, 1993-95

MaxineGoodman/CecileWashofsky*, 1999-93

Cynthia F Emerman, 1989-91

Jaclyn C Silverman, 1987-89

Darlene Lake, 1985-87

Sylvia H Kansas, 1983-85

Mrs. Melville Z. Wolfson, 1981-83

Gayle Brignac, 1979-81

Sherry Harris, 1977-79

Lynn Plotkin.,1976-77

Rae Sara Mayer, 1974-76

Mrs. Dobin Friedman*, 1972-74

                      Paula Joseph, 1970-72                       

Hermine Reiter*, 1968-70

Mrs. Sam Breen*, 1966-68

Mrs. Harold Wiessenberg *, 1964-66

Mrs. Sidney Grodsky*, 1962-64

Mrs. Ellie Schill*, 1960-62

Mrs. Sam Kancher*, 1958-60

Mrs. Alus Zeve*, 1956-58

Amy Lake*, 1954-56

Mrs. Nathan Mohre*, 1952-54

Mrs. B L Zoller Jr*, 1950-52

Mrs. Bernard Manheim*, 1948-50

Mrs. Sidney Mimeles*, 1946-48

Estelle Rabin*, 1945-46

Mrs. Sam Fellman*, 1943-45

Mrs. Emanuel Pulitzer*, 1942-43

Mrs. Guy Levy*, 1940-42

Mrs. Arthur Leopold*, 1939-40

Mrs. Lazard Hayem*, 1937-39

Mrs. B L Zoller Sr*, 1934-37 

Mrs. David Feldman*, 1933-34

Mrs. Mendel Silver*,   1932-33

Mrs. Max Rosenthal*, 1929-32

Mrs. A L Shushan*, 1925-28 




WRJ /CGoP Sisterhood also supports the mission and goals of the women of Reform Judaism. WRJ strengthens the voice of women worldwide and empowers them to create caring communities, nurture congregations, cultivate personal and spiritual growth and advocate for and promote Progressive Jewish Values. We look forward to welcoming you to the CGoP Sisterhood. 
Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783