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Gates of Camp Engagement Opportunities

        Gates of Camp Engagement Opportunities


Each Go-Camper must earn 100 Gates of Camp Phil Shekels per year.
       J-FLEx Sessions = 4 Shekels per session
                                  (27 sessions per year available plus monthly J-FLEx Shabbats)

                             *At least half of the 100 Shekels must come from Youth J-FLEx attendance / participation.


Please note that this list of engagement opportunities will be ever expanding as new forms of synagogue engagement develop over time. Click the link HERE to submit an engagement opportunity not listed below for consideration.

J-FLExer Worship/Engagement Opportunities:

Attend Shabbat/Festival Worship Non CGoP = 1 Shekel
Attend Non CGoP Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Life Cycle event = 2 Shekels
Attend Shabbat/Festival Worship CGoP = 2 Shekels
Attend CGoP Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Life Cycle event = 3 Shekels

Attend Grade level J-FLEx Shabbat Dinner/Worship = 3 Shekels
Visit the Museum of Southern Jewish Experience or WWII Museum = 2 Shekels
Participate in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Worship Adult or Youth Service = 3 Shekels
Participate in B’nai Mitzvah Club / Help Lead Shabbat Worship = 3 Shekels
Join GOPTY (Gates of Prayer Temple Youth) = 3 Shekels
Become a GOPTY Officer = 4 Shekels
Participate in Consecration / Simchat Torah = 4 Shekels
Participate in Confirmation / Shavuot = 4 Shekels
Participate in your own Bar/Bat Mitzvah (Including months of previous study) = 18 Shekels
Attend regional NFTY Youth or Leadership Conference = 5 Shekels
Become a regional NFTY Officer or Board Member = (10 Shekels)
Visit the Religious Action Center = 5 Shekels
Become a Teacher Assistant (Post Confirmands Only)  = Up to 3 shekels per session.


Parent Worship / Participation Opportunities:

Attend Non CGoP Bar/Bat Mitzvah = 1 Shekel
Attend Shabbat/Festival Worship CGoP = 1 Shekel
Attend CGoP Bar/Bat Mitzvah = 2 Shekels
Attend Life Cycle Event at CGoP or member of CGoP = 2 Shekels
Participate in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Worship = 3 Shekels
Participate in Purim Shpiel = 3 Shekels
Attend Sisterhood 2nd Night Passover Seder = 2 Shekels

Become a J-FLEx staff member = 1 Shekel per session

Parent Adult Education/Engagement Opportunities:

Adult Hebrew, Torah Study, Lunch and Learn = 1 Shekel (Per Session)
Misc. Adult Ed Programs = 1 Shekel
Join an Auxiliary = 2 Shekels
Serve on a committee = 2 Shekels
Serve on the CGoP Board = 3 Shekels
Serve on an Auxiliary Board = 3 Shekels

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